Sheet Metal Cutting
     Enter the size of the plate and you can choose 3 ways to take advantage of it: Cut with the size set, Best cut and approximate the size provided.


Photo album
     Multiple service photos ready, allowing you to show your customers how the service will look or creating examples of options. You can show all your photos automatically.   


Flooring Paging
     Pages Straight, Tied and Diagonal. You can create several pages with the textures of the stones, manually.
     Save and reuse.


Ready Forms
     Kitchen Sinks, Sinks, Steps, Tops, Swivels and Finishes, will be ready to be used by simply choosing the item and inserting the measurements to be drawn automatically.


Budget and Order
     From a ready design, you can generate a budget with all the data of the design, the services, the stones, the vats, the installations, etc.   


     You will have at your disposal several swings and pediments previously registered. Create your own database of designs and finishes.


     You will have a file of stainless steel vats, glass, crockery, etc. in your drawings. You can also create your database of figures.


Order of Service
     You can create service orders with your own forms (Create your form). You can insert textures, finishes, photos, measurements, logo and more.   


     A database with several registered stoves, will serve as an accessory for your projects. Remember that you can create your own database.   


Registration of people
     Register your customer and sellers with all the data, billing, billing and delivery locations.   


     You will have at your disposal several finishes previously registered. Create your own database of designs and finishes.   


     Various accessories, such as taps, soap dispensers, etc., are in the system to be inserted into your drawings and even related to your price list.


     Some hoods will be registered in the system to be inserted into your drawings. Update your database with your favorite items.


Price List
     You can create your price card and list the items in your drawings. Products, services and finishes, among others, can be registered.   


Hand Drawings
     You can draw anything in cm, meters, millimeters or inches. Tools with the "Mesh" and "Polygon", will make the difference.


     More than 1000 textures of stones, quartz, marbles, granites, siltstones, etc., will already be registered in the system and you can insert other textures more.   


Calculates quantity of parts
     This version allows you to create a drawing and tell the number of pieces of this drawing. You can also group the finishes and details for multiplication.   



      You can choose from three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.   




- Draw anything, manually or through the ready forms, in cm, meter, mm or inches.
- Photo album with more than 1000 photos ready services and more than 1000 textures of stones (marble, granite, silestone, quartz, etc.).
- Three graphics for cutting parts and creates a pagination of floors.
- Register a customer and a seller with all the data.
- Register a price list.
- You make a work order.
- Make a budget and a request.
- Saves in program format, image, DXF or PDF.
- Reuse saved drawings.
- Calculates quantity of parts.
- In Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Developed by  2017/02